February 27, 2016

Once Upon a time in Appalachia

On a dark and stormy night in Raleigh, NC during the IMBA 2015 bluegrass festival, a quartet of super talented musicians, who had never before met or played together, converged at the Pour House for a blistering set of supremely innovative modern bluegrass music that pushed the boundaries of the genre to the delight of the small crowd gathered inside. As Hurricane Joaquin gained strength outside, the intimate space was filled with eclectic music written and played by banjo virtuoso Ryan Cavanaugh, and enhanced with the spontaneous collaboration of Eli Bishop on violin, Nick Baglio on drums and Max Johnson on upright bass. This was the opening song of the set, Once Upon a time in Appalachia, written by Ryan Cavanaugh. I knew I was filming something special right away and did my best to capture this unique event. It was an honor and a privilege to film this show with the help of my gifted friend, photographer Gabriel Nelson.

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