April 1, 2015


(L to R) Idhirō Hosoya, Me, Makoto Ōeda, Kenji Tanaka, Junpei Sakuma (Kawanishi City 1974)

Tsutomu Otsuka
A freelance photographer, based in Kyoto, and the editor in chief for the Kyoto Photo Press. Usually he uses digital cameras, however he loves medium and large format film cameras as Rolleiflex TLR, Holga 120 PC, Tachihara Fielstand 45II, Holga 120, ZERO Image 4x5, Harman TiTan 4x5 pinhole and Deardorff View 8x10, etc. Also he loves Irish and American roots music.

Personal History
  • 1943 Born in Fussa City, Tokyo
  • 1966 Graduated Department of Photographic Technology of Chiba Univesity
  • 1966 Joined the Asahi Shimbun Osaka as a staff photographer
  • 1970 Moved Ashahi Shimbun Kobe Branch Office
  • 1972 Moved Ashahi Shimbun Tokyo as a staff for the magazines
  • 1977 Organized proffetional photographers group "Fish Eye '77"
  • 1989 Moved Ashahi Shimbun Kyoto Branch Office
  • 1992 Director of the All Japan Associasion of Photographic Societies Kansai
  • 1995 Organized Kyoto Photo Press
  • 2003 Freelance photographer
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