November 22, 2017

The Carter Family: 1927-1934

JSP Records JSP7701

Format: 5CD, Box Set, Compilation
Country: UK
Released: 30 Apr 2002
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country
Disc One
101 Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow
102 Little Log Cabin By The Sea
103 The Poor Orphan Child
104 The Storms Are On The Ocean
105 Single Girl, Married Girl
106 The Wandering Boy
107 Meet Me By The Moonlight, Alone
108 Little Darling, Pal Of Mine
109 Keep On The Sunny Side
110 Anchored In Love
111 John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man
112 I Ain't Goin' To Work Tomorrow
113 Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone
114 River Of Jordan
115 Chewing Gum
116 Wildwood Flower
117 I Have No-One To Love Me (But The Sailor On The Deep Blue Sea)
118 Forsaken Love
119 Sweet Fern
120 My Clinch Mountain Home
121 God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign
122 I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
123 Little Moses
124 Lulu Wall
125 The Grave On The Green Hillside
Disc Two
201 Don't Forget This Song
202 The Foggy Mountain Top
203 Bring Back My Blue-Eyed Boy To Me
204 Diamonds In The Rough
205 Engine One-Forty-Three
206 The Homestead On The Farm
207 The Cyclone Of Rye Cove
208 Motherless Children
209 When The Roses Bloom In Dixieland
210 No Telephone In Heaven
211 Western Hobo
212 Carter's Blues
213 Wabash Cannonball
214 A Distant Land To Roam
215 Jimmie Brown The Newsboy
216 Kitty Waltz
217 Fond Affection
218 The Cannonball
219 The Lover's Farewell
220 There's Someone Awaiting For Me
221 The Little Log Hut In The Lane
222 When The Springtime Comes Again
223 When The World's On Fire
224 I Have An Aged Mother
225 Dying Soldier
226 Worried Man Blues
301 Lonesome Valley
302 On The Rock Where Moses Stood
303 Room In Heaven For Me
304 Lonesome Pine Special
305 No More The Moon Shines On Lorena
306 On My Way To Canaan's Land
307 Where Shall I Be?
308 Sow 'Em On The Mountain
309 Darling Nellie Across The Sea
310 The Birds Were Singing Of You
311 Weary Prodigal Son
312 My Old Cottage Home
313 When I'm Gone
314 Sunshine In The Mountain
315 Let The Church Roll On
316 Lonesome For You
317 Can't Feel At Home
318 Why There's A Tear In My Eye
319 The Wonderful City
320 Jimmie Rodgers Visits The Carter Family
321 The Carter Family And Jimmie Rodgers In Texas
322 'Mid The Green Fields Of Virginia
323 Happiest Days Of All
324 Picture On The Wall
325 Amber Tresses
Disc Four
401 I Never Loved But One
402 Tell Me That You Love Me
403 Where We'll Never Grow Old
404 We Will March Through The Streets Of The City
405 Sweet As The Flowers In Maytime
406 Will The Roses Bloom In Heaven
407 My Little Home In Tennessee
408 The Sun Of The Soul
409 If One Won't, Another One Will
410 Broken Hearted Love
411 Two Sweethearts
412 The Winding Stream
413 I Wouldn't Mind Dying
414 The Spirit Of Love Watches Over Me
415 The Church In The Wildwood
416 Give Me Roses While I Live
417 I Will Never Marry
418 On The Sea Of Galilee
419 Home By The Sea
420 I Loved You Better Than You Knew
421 This Is Like Heaven To Me
422 See That My Grave Is Kept Green
423 Over The Garden Wall
424 Gold Watch And Chain
425 Will My Mother Know Me There?
Disc Five
501 On A Hill Lone And Gray
502 Cowboy Jack
503 I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
504 Away Out On The Old Saint Sabbath
505 Happy Or Lonesome
506 One Little Word
507 Darling Daisies
508 The East Virginia Blues
509 Lovers Return
510 It'll Aggravate Your Soul
511 Hello Central! Give Me Heaven
512 I'm Working On A Building
513 You've Been Fooling Me, Baby
514 Longing For Old Virginia
515 March Winds Goin' To Blow My Blues All Away
516 There'll Be Joy, Joy, Joy
517 Are You Tired Of Me, My Darling
518 My Heart's Tonight In Texas
519 There's No Hiding Place Down Here
520 Cowboy's Wild Song To His Herd
521 The Evening Bells Are Ringing
522 The Mountains Of Tennessee
523 I'll Be Home Some Day
524 Faded Coat Of Blue
525 Sailor Boy
Maybelle Carter (vocals/guitar) Sara Carter (vocals/guitar/autoharp) A.P. Carter (vocals)
Fans looking for more than ASV/Living Era's Wildwood Flower collection but scared off by Bear Family's massive 12-disc box could comfortably pick up this five-disc budget compilation. At 126 songs, it covers all of their RCA Victor recordings in chronological order, omitting only alternate takes. The remastering isn't necessarily better than other Carter Family issues -- rather than clean up the crackle, the engineers have simply boosted the sound level, and while that does bring out some nuances, the ever-present hiss is louder than usual. That and the scanty liner notes mean that casual fans could probably do perfectly well with Wildwood Flower, but this music is going to be an outstanding addition to any collection, especially at a price this low. -- AllMusic Review by Jim Smith

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