April 21, 2015

Ballads And Songs Of The Blue Ridge Mountains

Asch Records‎ AH-3831
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1968
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country, Folk
A1 The Hanging of Georgie: Paul Joines (1:34)
A2 Returning Sweetheart: Sarah Hawkes (1:54)
A3 Barbry Allen: Granny Porter and Wade Ward (2:43)
A4 The Young Men and Maids: Paul Joines (2:19)
A5 The Green Willow Tree: Paul Joines (4:21)
A6 Ho Lilly Ho: Sarah Hawkes (2:15)
A7 Walkin' in the Parlor: Kilby Reeves (1:22)
A8 Little Sparrow: Sarah Hawkes (1:50)
A9 County Jail: Kilby Reeves (1:50)
A10 Warfare is A-Raging: Aunt Polly Joines (1:22)
A11 Pig in a Pen: Spud Gravely and Glen Smith (2:31)
A12 Roving Ranger: Paul Joines (2:52)
B1 Pretty Polly: The Cruel Ship's Carpenter (2:09)
B2 George Allen: Lady Alice (1:16)
B3 Roving Gambler: Hobart and Larry Delp with Joe Kyles (2:28)
B4 Ten Thousand Miles: Ruby Vass (3:22)
B5 1809: Glen Neaves (3:12)
B6 Little Maggie: Ivor Melton, Cullen Galyean and Claudine Lambert (3:36)
B7 Death Of The Lawson Family: Glen Neaves (1:55)
B8 Lonesome Day: Ruby Vass (2:13)
B9 Budded Roses: Paul Jones and Cliff Evans (2:35)
Liner Notes: Eric Davidson and Paul Newman
Stemming from a want to preserve the dwindling unique oral traditions of the Blue Ridge Mountain back-country region, Eric Davidson, Paul Newman and Caleb Finch performed field recordings of songs that exemplified the evolution of ballads in the region, creating an anthology of music that characterized the musical mountain traditions. Originating from folk music of the British Isles, many of the songs are performed with little or no instrumental accompaniment. These beautiful archaic folk melodies have retained their roots in the ballad and lament tradition, sung here by both men and women (traditionally ballads were sung only by women) with occasional lively banjo accompaniments.

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