April 27, 2015

POSITIVELY PORCO - Gerde's Folk City

POSITIVELY PORCO is the definitive documentary film being made about New York City's first Folk Music cabaret, Gerde's Folk City. Filmed to enlighten even the most staunch Folk Revival enthusiast and historian, POSITIVELY PORCO is the story of Mike Porco and the club a thousand musicians called HOME. Mike Porco, was instrumental in, literally, setting the stage for the music revolution of the '60's. During Mike Porco's stewardship (1960-1980) the club hosted early performances by a constellation of Folk and traditional music stars. Many American radio standards and Civil rights anthems were ofttimes heard by the public at Gerde's Folk City for the first time. A list Folk City's distinctive fraternity of aspiring young artists and legendary recording stars borders on myth. They were all teenagers and 20-somethings when they got there, and decades later, they're still doing 'what they do'.... that is - Play Music. But not just any kind of music.

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