February 14, 2017

Appalachian Journey: Yo-Yo Ma • Edgar Meyer • Mark O'Connor

Sony Classical SK-66782

Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: Mar 21, 2000
Genre: Classical, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Classical Crossover
01 1B: Edgar Meyer/Yo-Yo Ma/Mark O'Connor (4:02)
02 Misty Moonlight Waltz: Mark O'Connor/Yo-Yo Ma/Edgar Meyer (4:46)
03 Hard Times Come Again No More: James Taylor/Yo-Yo Ma/Edgar Meyer/Mark O'Connor (3:43)
04 Indecision:  Edgar Meyer/Yo-Yo Ma/Mark O'Connor (4:28)
05 Limerock: Mark O'Connor/Yo-Yo Ma (2:28)
06 Benjamin: James Taylor/Yo-Yo Ma/Edgar Meyer/Mark O'Connor (3:31)
07 Fisher's Hornpipe: Yo-Yo Ma/Mark O'Connor/Edgar Meyer/Alison Krauss (3:44)
08 Duet for Cello and Bass: Edgar Meyer/Yo-Yo Ma (5:53)
09 Emily's Reel: Mark O'Connor/Edgar Meyer/Yo-Yo Ma (2:48)
10 Cloverfoot Reel: Edgar Meyer/Yo-Yo Ma/Mark O'Connor (4:24)
11 Poem for Carlita: Mark O'Connor/Yo-Yo Ma/Edgar Meyer (7:33)
12 Caprice for Three: Mark O'Connor/Yo-Yo Ma/Edgar Meyer (3:47)
13 Second Time Around: Edgar Meyer/Yo-Yo Ma/Mark O'Connor (4:31)
14 Slumber My Darling: Alison Krauss/Edgar Meyer/Yo-Yo Ma/Mark O'Connor (4:52)
15 Vistas: Mark O'Connor/Yo-Yo Ma/Edgar Meyer (9:57)
Yo-Yo Ma (cello) Edgar Meyer (bass) Mark O'Connor (violin) James Taylor (guitar/vocals) Alison Krauss ((violin/vocals)
A&R: Mia Bongiovanni, Liner Notes: John Schaefer, Art Direction: Allen Weinberg & Laura Torres, Photography: Merri Cyr & Michael Lutch
Appalachian Journey is the second album from the string trio of bassist and composer Edgar Meyer, fiddler and composer Mark O'Connor, and cellist Yo-Yo Ma. James Taylor and Alison Krauss join the trio individually on two Stephen Foster songs arranged for the trio. Sony Classical released the disc in 2000. The album joined a number of other recordings released since Appalachia Waltz that continue a new kind of classical music tinged with and influenced by the sounds and structures of America's own musical traditions. It is possible that the titles of these albums imply a continuity of the American classical tradition begun by Aaron Copland in Appalachian Spring. Unlike their first album, the three virtuosos spent several months on the compositions and arrangements, from July 19 to September 10, 1999.

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