December 25, 2017

Music for Children, Music by Children

Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 45081

Format: CD, Album,
Country: US
Released: 2017
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk, Children's
01 Go Waggaloo: Sarah Lee Guthrie (3:30)
02 Little Liza Jane: Elizabeth Mitchell (2:25)
03 Did You Feed My Cow?: Ella Jenkins (3:15)
04 Hop High Ladies (Hop Up Ladies): The New Lost City Ramblers (2:29)
05 Shake Sugaree: Elizabeth Cotten and Brenda Evans (5:00)
06 Race You Down the Mountain: Woody Guthrie (2:28)
07 ¡Que llueva! (Let it Rain!): Suni Paz (1:05)
08 Botana: José-Luis Orozco (1:46)
09 Go In and Out the Window: Jean Ritchie (0:59)
10 Yomi, Yomi: Ruth Rubin (1:37)
11 Jim Along Josie: Pete Seeger (2:06)
12 Kaa Fo: Dennis Allen, A. Kdjo Tettey, and W.K. Amoaku (1:16)
13 Bring Me a Little Water, Silvy: Lead Belly (0:51)
14 Here We Go Loopy-Loo: Pete Seeger (2:24)
15 Loop de Loo: Children in Lilly’s Chapel School, Alabama (1:42)
16 Charlie Over the Ocean: Children in East York School, East York, Alabama (0:54)
17 I Must See (Amasee): Children in Brown's Chapel School, Livingston, Alabama (1:32)
18 Here We Go Willowby: Children from Minisink Day Camp (1:34)
19 London Bridge: Children in New York City (2:03)
20 Twenty-Four Robbers: Children in Chicago (0:58)
21 Al citron: Children in Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico (1:20)
22 Gypsy in the Moonlight: Children at St. Belmont’s Home, Trinidad (2:03)
23 Jump Shamador: Children at P.S. 48, Bronx, New York (3:06)
24 Arroz con leche: Children in Cuenca, Ecuador (1:58)
25 A la rueda de San Miguel: Children in Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico (1:04)
26 Ambos a dos: Children in Loíza Aldea, Puerto Rico (4:49)
27 Camp Songs: Bill Bones: Children in New York City (1:43)
28 The Fox: Six boys in New York City (1:10)
Compiler & Liner Notes: Patricia Shehan Campbell, Cover Artwork: Keith Patterson, Designer: Natalia Custodio, Mastering Engineer: Pete Reiniger
Like eating, breathing, and sleeping, children sing because they must. Music, the universal language, is learned in the earliest years of life and remains vital thereafter. This rich collection invites listeners of all ages to revel and participate in the colorful world of Smithsonian Folkways’ children’s music collection, with both music created “for children,” showcasing our most celebrated storytellers and songwriters, and “by children,” featuring the unique ways children express and understand themselves and the world through song. 57 minutes, 36-page illustrated booklet.

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