July 8, 2015

The SteelDrivers - "Hammer Down" (Full Album Stream)

"The Steeldrivers' brand of bluegrass - intense, dark, poetic, and inescapably human - is a refreshing reminder of the timeless power of string band music, and is captured perfectly on the new 'Hammer Down.' - Music News Nashville

The SteelDrivers
On this, their third release, The Steeldrivers have truly laid the "hammer down," as the aptly titled recording boldly states. Make no mistake about it, The Steeldrivers are back with a vengeance, stronger than ever, with the same unparalleled intensity, vocal strength, peerless harmonies, and instrumental virtuosity that won them fans and almost instantaneous award-winning recognition, both within the bluegrass world and in the Americana music world and beyond. The songs have the same edginess and the same stunning harmonies and gruff soulful lead vocals, thanks to both fiddler and vocalist Tammy Rogers - who is featured even more on the new record and shines all the more for it - and to Gary Nichols whose lead vocals carry on seamlessly, from the group's first two albums. 'Hammer Down' carries on The Steeldrivers' own tradition of bluegrass, without missing a beat!

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