November 16, 2015

Learn to Fiddle Country Style with Tracy Schwarz

Folkways Records FI-8359

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1968
Genre: Non-Music, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Education, Bluegrass, Spoken Word
A1 Tuning
A2 The Scale In A
A3 Base And Unison Notes
A4 The Saw Stroke
A5 Learning Cripple Creek With The Saw Stroke
A6 Cripple Creek With More Notes
A7 Double Sring Runs
A8 Saw Stroke Version Of Cripple Creek
A9 The Nashville Shuffle Stroke
A10 Nashville Shuffle Version Of Cripple Creek
A11 The Combined Nashville Shuffle And Saw Strokes
A12 Cripple Creek Using Combined Nashville Shuffle And Saw Strokes
A13 The Long Bow Stroke
A14 Cripple Creek Using Only The Long Bow Stroke
A15 Combining The Long Bow And Saw Strokes
A16 Combination Of Long Bow And Nashville Shuffle Strokes In Old Joe Clark
A17 Combination Of Long Bow Saw And Nashville Shuffle Strokes In Cripple Creek
A18 Unison, And Octave, Notes In G
A19 Leather Britches In G
A20 The Key Of D
A21 Ragtime Annie In D
B1 The Key Of C
B2 The Texas Waggoner In C
B3 Double Stops In G
B4 Double Stops In D
B5 Double Stops In A
B6 Double Stops In C
B7 Country Vibrato
B8 Sliding Into Notes
B9 The Open G And A Tunings
B10 The Black Mt. Blues A Tuning
B11 The Tune Black Mt. Blues
B12 Bonapart's Retreat D Tuning (D Tuning #1)
B13 Bonapart's Retreat
B14 D Tuning #2 And #3
B15 Rocking The Bow
B16 The Jolly Blacksmiths In A
B17 Trills
B18 Soldier's Joy In D With An Old Time Start
B19 Single String Runs
B20 Bluegrass Fiddle In 3/4 Time
B21 Bluegrass Fiddle Lead In 4/4
B22 Fiddle Tune Type Lead In 4/4
B23 Bluegrass Vibrato
B24 The Double Shuffle
B25 Banjo - Fiddle Music
B26 Guitar - Fiddle Music
B27 Guitar - Banjo - Fiddle Band
Tracy Schwarz (fiddle/speaker)
Tracy Schwarz, of New Lost City Ramblers renown, offers instruction on playing the fiddle on this 1965 release. He takes a simple tune (the old-time classic, "Cripple Creek") and walks listeners through different ways to add variations, including adding more notes, drones (playing on two strings), or changing bow strokes. He also demonstrates different techniques such as vibrato. Liner notes include a transcription of the song text, illustrations of scale finger patterns for different musical keys, and an essay by fellow Rambler, John Cohen, on bluegrass, country, and old-time music and their growing popularity in cities and on college campuses.

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