June 29, 2016

Les Bon Hommes Du Nord: Patrick Ross and Jean Theroux

French-Canadian Fiddle Music & Songs from New Hampshire
Event Date: 2012/08/08 Running Time: 61 minutes

Patrick Ross and Jean Theroux present a program of fiddle tunes and songs drawn from their French-Canadian heritage. They will be joined by Dalton Binette and Bow Thayer. All four musicians hail from the northernmost area of New Hampshire, adjacent to the Canadian border, across which people and cultural influences have flowed steadily over the last hundred years or more. The fiddle, accordion, and guitar are the most common instruments used in French-Canadian music. The playing style is spirited and based upon rhythmic patterns of the Celtic world: jigs, reels, and waltzes. However, the music is not exactly Celtic: the bowing style has a different swing and the tunes are ornamented in a distinctive way. Singing in the French language with family and friends is also an important part of French-Canadian musical heritage, and many of the songs are classified as "chansons á rèpondre," or "call and response," a style developed so a large group can join in the fun without knowing all the words.

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