January 18, 2018

Traditional Music From Grayson And Carroll Counties: Songs, Tunes with Fiddle, Banjo and Band

Folkways Records FS-3811

Format: Vinyl, Album, Mono
Country: US
Released: 1962
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk, Bluegrass, Old Time
A01 Cluck Old Hen: Vester Jones (3:22)
A02 Soldier's Joy: Glen Smith (2:51)
A03 Polly Put the Kettle On: Glen Smith (2:04)
A04 Ida Red: Wade Ward (1:29)
A05 Devilish Mary: Glen Neaves, Roscoe Russell, and Ivor Melton (2:28)
A06 Old Jimmy Sutton: Vester Jones (2:49)
A07 Fire in the Mountain: Glen and Frank Smith (1:21)
A08 Old Ruby (Old Reuben): Vester Jones (3:26)
A09 Little Love: Glen Smith (2:42)
A10 Sourwood Mountain: Wade Ward (1:07)
A11 Poor Ellen Smith: Vester Jones (2:25)
A12 Mississippi Sawyer: Glen and Frank Smith: (1:56)
A13 Pretty Polly: Ed Spencer (1:29)
B01 Katy Cline: Vester Jones (2:19)
B02 Cindy: Glen Smith (2:10)
B03 Ground Hog: Vester Jones (2:27
B04 Hell Among the Yearlings (Hell Amongst the Yearlings): Glen Smith (2:03)
B05 Sugar Hill: Ed Spencer (1:08)
B06 Old Joe Clark: Vester Jones (2:18)
B07 Johnson Boys: Glen Smith (2:50)
B08 Cripple Creek: Wade Ward (1:06)
B09 Tom Dooley: Glen Neaves, Roscoe Russell, and Ivor Melton (2:12)
B10 Fortune: Glen Smith (3:35)
B11 Pretty Little Willow / Sugarfoot Rag (medley): Glen Smith (1:40)
B12 Sally Goodin': Vester Jones (2:24)
B13 Old Jimmy Sutton: Glen Smith (2:05)
B14 Handsome Molly: Glen Neaves and Roscoe Russell (2:52)
Recorder & Producer: Eric H. Davidson & Paul Newman
Bordering each other in southwestern Virginia, Grayson and Carroll counties have a distinctive musical heritage. An important banjo technique, variously called "clawhammer," "flailing the banjo," or "thumbnoting," captured the interest of collectors Eric Davidson and Paul Newman, who set out to record examples of this indigenous style. Recorded between 1958 and 1961, the songs and tunes are believed to be representative of the traditional musical heritage of the area. How do we know? According to elderly locals, the style of the music on this album is similar to what they remember as far back as their grandparents’ day. Liner notes include a social and musical history of Grayson and Carroll counties, song notes and lyrics, and performer biographies.

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