December 4, 2015

Daniel Boucher & Friends: Traditional French-Canadian Fiddle Music from Connecticut

Event Date: August 17, 2011

Fiddler and singer Daniel Boucher is accompanied by guitarist Ray Pelletier, guitarist and fiddler George Wilson, and fiddler/stepdancer Glenn Bombardier of the Beaudoin family. Daniel Boucher is a dynamic young fiddler born and raised in the French Canadian community in Bristol, Ct. Learning tunes and styles from family and friends in Connecticut and Quebec, Daniel plays across New England with many artists including Josee Vachon and the Beaudoin Family. Daniel revitalized the Franco-American music scene in central Connecticut with his bi-weekly gathering called Jam Francais, and he organizes hugely popular soirees and events with French music and food.

LOC  Captions, transcript, and more information on the Library of Congress Webcasts.

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