March 8, 2018

Cajun Songs from Louisiana

Folkways Records FE-4438

Series: Ethnic Folkways Library
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 1956
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Cajun
A1 Gabriel: Bobby Bourke (1:35)
A2 Les Maringouins Ont Mangé Ma Belle: Bobby Bourke (0:52)
A3 La Chanson De Cinquante Sous: Marion Dugadet (1:49)
A4 La Fille De Quatorze Ans: Madame Daniel Bourke (4:03)
A5 Valse De Char' Toutoune: Roy Brulé (2:04)
A6 Allons Danser Colinda: Roy Brulé (1:55)
A7 Valse De Church Point: Roy Brulé (3:52)
A8 Johnny Kid Dance: Roy Brulé (6:25)
B1 Jolie Blonde: Tony and Rufis Allemand (2:10)
B2 J'ai Passé Dessou' L'Pommier: Children (1:49)
B3 Fleur De La Jeunesse: Elie Landry (2:56)
B4 Les Filles De Vermillion: Elie Landry (1:43)
B5 La Papier D'Eping': Elie Landry (1:21)
B6 J'ai Passé Devant Ta Porte: Bobby Bourke (1:43)
B7 La Noce À Joséphine: Fernand Labore (2:47)
Recorder: I Bonstein, Producer: Lucie De Vienne Blanc, Designer: Ronald Clyne
Although characteristic of the state of Louisiana, Cajun music has its roots in the French-speaking Acadian population of Canada. The lives of those French colonists were wracked by political discord, war, and for some families, deportation; after the Seven Years' War (1756–63) many sought refuge in Louisiana. On this recording, humorous ballads and lively reels, bolstered by accordion, fiddle, and guitar accompaniment, belie the harsh experiences of the Acadians. Album producer Lucie de Vienne describes how the superimposed elementary rhythms give these songs a "jazzy" atmosphere shared with other French-derived folk songs in the Caribbean. The liner notes include a history of the Cajun people, musical notations, and song lyrics in Cajun French and in English.

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