March 16, 2018

Folk-Songs of America: The Robert Winslow Gordon Collection

The Library of Congress AFS-L68

Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country: US
Released: 1978
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk, Ballad
A1 Haul The Wood Pile Down/Roll The Old Chariot Along: Singer unknown (Early 1920s)
A2 Old Ninety Seven: Fred Lewe (10/15/1925)
A3 The Old Gray Mare, Hesitation Blues/Not A-Gonna Lay My Religion Down: Bascom Lamar Lunsford (10/19/1925)
A4 Brother Jonas/Georgie: G. Stikeleather (11/11/1925)
A5 Isaac Meddler, Mississippi Sawyer/Sally Goodin: John W. Dillon (10/22/1925)
A6 Old Granny Hare: W. E. Bird (10/28/1925)
A7 Single Girl: Julius Sutton (10/28/1925)
A8 Prisoner's Song: Ernest Helton (11/20/1925)
A9 Let's Go To Bury: A. B. Holly (12/14/1925)
B1 Deep Down In My Heart/Jesus Is My Only Friend/Glory To God, My Son's Come Home: W. M. Givens (4/10/1926)
B2 Ol' Man Satan/Drive Ol' Satan Away/Finger Ring: Mary C. Mann (4/12/1926)
B3 Blow Boys Blow (1)/Blow Boys Blow (2)/Halw Away: J. A. S. Spencer (ca.1930-32)
B4 The Wagon: Ben Harney (9/9/1925)
B5 Milk White Stead/Mulberry Hill: Nellie Galt (ca.1928)
B6 Yes Ma'am/All God's Children Got To Humble Down: Betty Bush Winger (ca.1931-32)
B7 Testing Equipment: Robert W. Gordo (1/?/1932)
B8 Casey Jones: Francis H. Abbot (3/24/1932)
This LP is the first recorded publication of music that Gordon collected on cylinder and disc -- a representative sampling (17 songs) of fiddle tunes, ballads, spirituals, and sea shanties. Through the hiss and crackle that ineradicably mark early field recordings, we get a clear picture of American folklife of this era. Included is a deluxe, illustrated book.

The Library of Congress  Folk-Songs of America: The Robert Winslow Gordon Collection, 1922-1932

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