March 2, 2018

Negro Folk Music of Alabama: Ring Game Songs and Others

Ethnic Folkways Library FE-4474

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1955
Genre: Children's, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk, Ring Game
A01 Mary Mack (2:00)
A02 Bob A Needle (0:54)
A03 Watch That Lady (1:20)
A04 Old Lady Sally Wants To Jump (0:51)
A05 Loop De Loo (1:47)
A06 Green Green Rocky Road (1:29)
A07 Rosie Darling Rosie (1:37)
A08 I Must See (1:37)
A09 Bluebird Bluebird (1:13)
A10 May Go 'Round The Needle (2:35)
A11 Stooping On The Window (1:10)
A12 Charlie Over The Ocean (0:55)
B01 Catch That Squirrel (5:14)
B02 Water On The Wheel (0:48)
B03 Go Pray Ye (2:37)
B04 Captain Holler Hurry (1:27)
B05 John Henry (2:16)
B06 Going To Have A Talk With The Chief Of Police (1:48)
B07 Meed Me In The Bottoms (1:36)
B08 When The Role Is Called In Heaven (2:40)
B09 I Moaned And I Moaned (1:21)
B10 I'm Standing In A Safety Zone (2:53)
Producer & Recorder: Harold Courlande, Designer: Ronald Clyne
American folklorist Harold Courlander compiled this series (Negro Folk Music of Alabama) from recordings he made in rural Alabama in 1950. The album is an attempt to counter the stereotypes of black music that were popular in America during the middle of the 20th century. This sixth volume begins with ring and line games which were recorded at various rural Alabama schools. Ring games are played with children standing in a circle, often holding hands; the leader stands outside the circle performing some action. To get the idea, imagine "Duck, Duck, Goose." (The identical ring game recordings are found on FW07004.) They are followed by miscellaneous children's songs, work songs, blues, hymns, and relatively modern gospel songs.

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